How we manage versions at Barracuda

The Barracuda API utilizes a date-based versioning system, and the version you're using is dependent on passing a header called Cuda-Version along with every request you make to the API.

Current supported versions are:


When a breaking change is shipped to the Barracuda API, the version will increment to indicate a change from existing functionality. This will happen on a per-route basis in order to ensure that breaking changes shipped don't affect routes that you may actively be using. Today, we only have one version, but once a breaking change is shipped for a route, then there will effectively be 2 versions of that route, one pertaining to the new version, and supporting new functionality, and one that continues to work with the old version, in order to preserve functionality.

We'll be sure to communicate changes as they come, and proactively notify users as old versions are deprecated, but not to worry, we will allow ample time for conversion from old to new routes.